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9 Tips - How to manage your time for study and exam

Time Management For Students

Today I will share with you time management skills for students and the problems faced by students during their daily study and preparation of examination. I hope, this article definitely help to you for effective time management for study and exams.

time management for students
Time Management

 As you know, everyone in the world is striving to achieve some aim or goal, whether Businessmen, Doctors, Shopkeeper and Students. A Great Person had said: “IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING IN LIFE, YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO SACRIFICE”.

Student’s life is also a sacrificing life. They wake up early in the morning; get ready to go to school/college. During mid-day they come back home and start homework given by the school teacher or goes to coaching classes for complete their education. These are definitely necessary for the students to achieve their goal.

But, all these sacrifices become useless if you are not able to achieve your goals, because there are no time management activities for your daily routine and study. In student’s life time and stress management is a must, if they want to become a Doctor, an Engineer, a Chartered Accountant or any designation they desire. Without sacrifice and study time management, nobody can achieve these designations. To achieve long term goal, you have to frame the short terms goal also and must try to achieve it.

Every person has 24 hours a day and we have to manage the entire task during these hours. Efficiency of work is also depending on how we spend these 24 hours. To simplify these, I am sharing with you some of the important points to complete your daily task which helps to improve your efficiency in study.

Time management methods / Time management tips for students

1. Firstly you have to find your daily important tasks the completions of which are must. Make a written list of these tasks. E.g. Go to Morning Walk, School, play games, sleeping time etc.

2. Then you must find the unnecessary tasks of daily routine i.e. on which you are wasting time. e.g. Excessive use of Mobile phone, watching television etc. which loss your will power. You must try to reduce these tasks and you will see that your spare time left is more than before.

3. Now decide how much time is available for your homework, Test etc. excluding your institute time because half of the day time is spent in school or institute.

4. Decide your work according to your time available.

5. It must be necessary to take a rest for half an hour after study of one hour or one and half hour as per your study. During study hours, taking a rest helps to revive the energy and in this way your efficiency increase which could not happen while studying three or four hours continuously.

6. Frame your time table according to your need. i.e. if you cannot study for late night then wake up early in the morning to study. In the morning, you feel fresh and can learn even the toughest subject which could not be learned at night but if you can study late at night then frame your time table accordingly.

7. While studying long hours daily, it sometimes becomes boring, so in this case you can select a day in a week to enjoy with your friends, or go out with your family. The next day when you start studying you will get a motivation that you had spent a day with enjoying, now you have to study properly.

8. Don’t compromise with your sleep. You must take a sleep of seven to eight hours daily. It can be reduced during exams but still try to maintain a minimum of seven hours of sleep daily. During sleeping time, do not use mobile phone. Try to sleep early and wake up early in the morning.

9. Must do your daily homework and learn it regularly and if query occur ask the teacher. This reduces your burden during exams days.

We hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you for preparing your study and exams.

Thanks for reading….

By Puneet Kainth