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Stage Fear │ Stage Fright │ 4 Tips to overcome stage fear of public speaking

Stage fear of public speaking

Stage fear is the biggest problem of students in today’s life.  Everyone wants to speak on stage like a professional, whether he is a student or a businessman. Stage fear means ‘stage fright’, when an individual is not able to express his knowledge on stage, it may be due to lack of confidence or fear of public speaking.

How to overcome stage fear of public speaking
Stage Fear
Some students, when fails to speak on stage due to their first chance or fear of stage, they never try again to speak. They should improve their confidence to attempt another chance to overcome stage fear. 

As audience point of view, if a student goes on stage to speak in a casual manner then audience feels that this student is not serious about the topic, but if a student fear on stage than audience feel that the student is serious about the topic and they listen to the student carefully. So don’t get demotivated if you are not able to speak on stage. You must try to improve the art of public speaking on the stage.

How to overcoming stage fear of public speaking?

The following points which help you to overcome stage fear of public speaking.

1. Always try to speak in front of a mirror, if you speak in front of mirror it helps you to face yourself and speak fluently, which build your confidence.

2. Before going on stage, you have to repeat the speech some time, if you practice on the topic you are speaking than you can confidently speak on the stage.

3. Never thought about the audience what they think about you. Instead you should think to speak well with confidence the audience will appreciate you. At that moment, your feelings will be best.

4. Do not be so professional in speaking.  It does not mean that you do not attempt speech like a professional, it means do not find 100% perfection in your speech on the stage, always try to maintain confidence in yourself, if you missed some words or fear about topic, just ignore it and maintain your confident behavior in audience, because no one can be 100% perfection in any field, there will be some deficiency sure.

We hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you.

Thanks for reading….

By Puneet Kainth